The prince's identity

In England there is a six-year-old child named George. He is actually a prince. His great-grandmother is Elizabeth II, Queen of England. From most appearances he is quite an ordinary child. He has probably been told that he is a prince, but what does that really mean to him?

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Identity, DeanDean TougasComment
Stepping out, stepping in

He said a simple prayer, commanding the blindness to leave in the name of Jesus. It wasn’t a long or eloquent prayer, there was no begging, no pleading, just authority in the name of Jesus. AND YOU GUYS. Afterwards he covered up her good eye and held up two fingers. “How many fingers am I holding up?” Two, she answered. He held up four. She saw four. He held up one, and farther away. She saw one.

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MaggieMaggie Cheung Comment
Formation Notes - March 13, 2019

At our March Formation Maggie Cheung shared a reflection about stepping out of our “default settings” in order to see God’s perspective on our lives and the world around us. The Core Team then introduced Cultivating The Presence of God in Our Daily Lives as our Formation topic going forward for the next several months. Also included: notes from our God Encounter and a link to the activation handout.

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