Stepping out, stepping in


A few weeks ago I went to hear a talk at an area church. The speaker is well known for his prophetic gifting and I was excited to hear him speak, but I wasn’t expecting much in the way of “having a powerful experience”. You know how we like to go to events and be overpowered by the presence of God, be around the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, receive revelation and gifting... Yeah, those things never happen to me. I am very much in control of my faculties, thankyouverymuch, I prefer not to fall backward (or at all), and I confess to giving my share of side eye to the Boomer Charismatics who will holy laughter themselves through a whole message, distracting me with their silliness.

Boomer Charismatics: YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS

Me: * more side eye *

Me: but also maybe?

This time the holy laughter distracted even the speaker, all of us sitting (or standing) there wondering what was going to happen next. Even the speaker wasn’t quite sure. Finally he said, “Just so you know, I DID prepare a message for tonight, but it seems the Holy Spirit has other plans.” And he began calling out words of knowledge for healing and inviting people to come forward if their ailment matched his word. So many people came forward! There was a line around the sanctuary and I sat there thinking: is this going to be the whole night? He’s just going to pray over people? And that will be it?

JUST going to pray over people, ha ha ha.

For whatever reason, I wasn’t feeling terribly judgmental that night. I thought that I sensed a greater measure of the God’s presence than I usually do, which honestly isn’t saying much. Instead of slight impatience with the hoots and shaking I found myself Faintly Amused, even laughing along. (Holy Laughter is contagious which is why I stay away.) I felt strangely content to slouch in my seat and observe, resting in the bit of Presence I could detect, and enjoying being present to my own self.

The first person called up reported blindness in one eye. An older woman, not the kind to fall over with the touch of a finger: I deemed her normal enough. The minister asked her some questions - how long, how blind. He said a simple prayer, commanding the blindness to leave in the name of Jesus. It wasn’t a long or eloquent prayer, there was no begging, no pleading, just authority in the name of Jesus. AND YOU GUYS. Afterwards he covered up her good eye and held up two fingers. “How many fingers am I holding up?” Two, she answered. He held up four. She saw four. He held up one, and farther away. She saw one.

That was just the beginning.

All night long, Ordinary Person after Ordinary Person received healing. Not me, nothing’s physically wrong with me, and no one ever calls out, “Doubtful Attitude Towards My Own Self Experiencing The Power Of God” at these things or else I’d stand up. I sat and watched every person receive something, all the while basking in what, by that time, I had absolutely no doubt was the beautiful, glorious, glittery presence of God. I could have sat there forever.

At one point our intrepid speaker-healer marched back up to the podium to remind us that God longs to give good gifts to His children. And what did we want? What were we asking for? Were we thinking big? Were we letting God explode the box we put Him in and allowing him to pour out?

Ooooh, I was going to think BIG. I stood up. I threw my arms out. And I surrendered all of me to God. At least, I did my best. See above: doubtful attitude, but I was going to TRY. Would you believe that I heard in my spirit what I wanted? It was like all the trying-to-surrender had opened me enough to tell God that I wanted an entire chocolate cake all to myself. And then it was like God saying, “Oh yes, I SEE your chocolate cake and I RAISE YOU an entire BAKERY.” So then my spirit knew: I wasn’t asking for cake, I was asking for all the chocolate cakes AND the store that sells them.

God knows us better than we know ourselves. God knows what we want. He knows because He INSTALLED that want.

It was at that moment that the man I’d come to see give a proper teaching walked by, laid hands on me, and good thing there was a chair right behind me because I would have fallen over, completely ruining my streak of Not Being One Of Those People.

Friends, I’ve seen more healings this past summer than I have in my entire life. I have received an exponential increase in my ability to sense the presence of God. My faith for healing has been built up to a degree that when someone asked if I’d accompany them to south Seattle to do street ministry amongst the homeless, I didn’t even think about it. YES, I WOULD, THANK YOU. Because my faith for miracles, signs, and wonders is now greater than my faith in comfort zones.

This wasn’t because I suddenly became holy. HA. Or reached the right level of spiritual maturity. Or anything, really, that had to do with me. If my summer, and the experiences over the last few months of many on our DPNW team, are anything to go by, God is Showing. Up. He is turning it up. He is moving. He is ON. I think -DPNW believes - God is coming for us in a powerful way right now, and all that’s required of us is to AGREE. “I see what you’re doing, God. I am here for it. I am IN.”

And then we’re off!

I’m the lady who has to rely on others to tell her if the presence of God is heavy or even THERE, but at DPNW Healing Nights the last couple of months, I don’t need anyone to tell me that the Holy Spirit is present and moving. Our team is committed to stepping into all that God is doing AND bringing along as many people as we possibly can. Our next Healing Night is October 21 at St. Pius and we very much hope you’ll join us. There is a place for all of us in what God is doing. Come together with the Body and agree with our Father!

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