about dwelling place healing nights

Encounter the transformative power of God



Healing nights are the heart of who we are at Dwelling Place. These peaceful and contemplative evenings take place each month at St. Pius X in Mountlake Terrace and St. Stephen the Martyr in Renton. We welcome all who need physical, emotional, or spiritual healing as well as those who need to step out of daily life for spiritual refreshment and restoration. Our spirituality is Catholic, but we respect and welcome every faith, including those who have none. 

Healing nights are holy spaces primed and ready for transformative encounters with the Father. The Dwelling Place team guides your journey with worship music that leads you deeper into His heart, soaking prayer that immerses you in His love, and wisdom and encouragement spoken from the altar. In the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, grace and mercy are abundant and healing waters flow. 



At each healing night there are opportunities to receive individual prayer ministry with our trained prayer teams. At the end of each evening our prayer servants are available to pray an individual prayer of blessing over everyone who attends. In addition, priests at each parish offer the sacrament of reconciliation during healing nights. 

Dwelling Place healing nights are for the poor in spirit, the ill, the injured, the hopeless, the brokenhearted, the terrified, the weary. We invite you to join us one night, to take your place as a son or daughter of God, offer your heart to Him, and receive all that He wants to share with you.