Apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and pastors. We are the Body of Christ. 

Dwelling Place did not and could not have reached this new season of mission without the prayers, emotional investment, gifts, and wisdom of many. We especially wish to thank Mitch Roberts, Dr. Kerry McMahon, Renee Corcoran, and the Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal board, staff, and community. 


Our Team

Our team is committed to building one another up through prayer, discipleship, and going ever deeper into the heart of God. Together we create space for the Holy Spirit to move and transform our parishes and communities. 


Steering Team

Maggie Cheung

Misty Tougas

Gabby Herndon

Bradley Santos

Dean Tougas


Janet Shea
John McGinn
Helene Clancy
Kelley Masterson
Gloria Soto
Pat Carman
Sue Blake
Sanjay Fernandez
Linda Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell

Ellen Egge
Cheryl Bryant
Barbara Nieman
Barbara Aquino
Leslie Fernandes
Hollis Mason
Julia Miller
Mary Anchondo
Pat Thomas





Board of Directors

Coming soon


Advisory Board

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